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There was a question in the comments on a recent blog post on how to configure port forwarding in Sophos UTM.While a little less intuitive than other UTM firewalls such as Untangle, it is still very easy to figure out.An Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is an encrypted machine image of a specific computer running a base operating system, configured in a specific way, and can also contain a set of applications and services for accomplishing a specific purpose.An AMI contains all the information necessary to start up and run the software on the image.

One of them is fine, the other keeps dropping the tunnel and reconnecting (about 1 min and a few seconds).

Logging In to Linux GUI CCS recommends changing the default username and password that were provided to access the Sophos GUI. Type y to enable the Web GUI (or n if you don’t want the GUI) c.

You may encounter errors if your firewall blocks Internet access needed for specific Quick Books programs or files.

I want to show a quick post on how to configure a popular port forward rule – RDP to an internal workstation.

In the Sophos UTM world, you don’t see port forwards, rather it is considered a destination NAT or DNAT in the appliance.