Netobjects fusion updating online view

Integrating an external CMS package with your Fusion site requires a little thought and some planning before you start the process.

Once your Surreal CMS package and your Fusion web site project is completed you or your CMS users / clients will be using a web browser to update your web site content instead of Net Objects Fusion.

This tutorial shows you how you can add such a form to your site using Net Objects Fusion 11.

By the end of this chapter, you will have added a feedback form (or contact form) to your website.

Net Objects Fusion 11has everything you need to build a compelling interactive website from scratch.

From advanced Flash intros to classic HTML-based FAQ pages, Net Objects Fusion 11 can do it all.

There are any number of reasons you might want to set up a section of one or more pages where your clients can log in using a web browser and edit a section of a page.

Es können beliebig viele Benutzer vom Administrator in ein Skript eingetragen werden. auftretende Systemfehler in Net Objects Fusion hängen derzeit mit dem neuen Microsoft Update „Sicherheitsupdate für Microsoft Windows (KB3008923)“.If you do a remote publish in Fusion any changes made by the client will be lost.Therefore you need to consider HOW you create your site and HOW you will handle future changes to the design of the site.Since Fusion will over write any live CMS content when a page is published it is best to set up your CMS pages after the web site project is finished or unlikely to need any design or layout changes that would disrupt live CMS content.Once the CMS system is installed and running you should only use the local publish feature then use a 3rd party FTP program to upload only pages that do not contain the CMS content unless you are using the methods outlined in the advanced got Fusion CMS tutorial.

Netobjects fusion updating online view