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"Pretty much every script I've read in the past year has me with my shirt off in the first 15 minutes," Madden told the Sunday Times.

"It's a bit of an inconvenience, because it's taking up screen time when you could be getting to know someone.

"If you trust your friends' judgment, their first impressions can be valuable," says Julienne Derichs, a licensed counselor.

Of course, we're not saying you should make your decision based entirely on how your friends feel, but they might pick up on signals you could be missing.

Before Clarke was Khaleesi, she took on small roles on TV such as Saskia Mayer on a few episodes of the show watchers know as the Mother of Dragons. Since then, she has proven herself as a woman with versatility and many talents, and is a fan favorite for her portrayal of Daenerys.

just share it on Facebook and tell people you’re proud of me… i want to preface that with saying i am in no way shape or form trying to offend jehovahs. they are well meaning and determined to achieve their goal. the idea that one picture will drop panties is mindblowing to me. i also become the worlds most social human when an unsolicited dickpic rolls in. Theres also dating key words that make me want to vomit into your purse. he cannot keep up with the swiftness that eminem spits, however his sputtering went along perfectly with the tempo of this couple fight. as much as i love lobster , it is by far the worst date food out there !

dick pics are the jehovah witnesses of new age dating. i can put my name on the line to say that before picture messaging , i am sure that men did not take polaroid stills of their members and snail mail their phallic art to their sweethearts so they can lock down a little nooky at the next sock hop. side note : its karaoke night and there is the scrawniest white gangster i have ever witnessed rocking out to superman- eminem …

While the love triangle between Mellors, Constance and Sir Clifford is played out on screen, there is no nudity and just one mild swear word in the entire 90 minutes.

"I wouldn't have taken the part if the purpose of it was to be raunchy and crude," said Madden.