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The public hearing will invite citizens to share their thoughts on the proposed regulations, as well as seven mining-related bills proposed by legislators, including one that would adopt the DEP’s proposed regulations and one that would amend the controversial 2012 metal mining law and have the agency develop regulations with more specific environmental protections.

The Natural Resources Council of Maine is supporting LD 820, a bill introduced by Sen.

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unfortunately, at the moment this error is the only way we can prevent version mixing.I calculated that first 'emerge --metadata' run would take about 10 hours on my Linode.You might avoid that long wait by doing 'rm -rf /var/cache/edb/dep/usr/portage' before doing the emerge --metadata.Constructed in 1983, the Portage Creek Bridge is a three span highway bridge located in Victoria, British Columbia (BC), Canada.This bridge is a part of a smart seismic monitoring program, British Columbia Smart Infrastructure Monitoring System (BCSIMS), which funded by the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (Mo TI), Canada.