Problem updating avg antivirus alena dating

One of PCs is connected to internet and I use AVG online-update to update it time to time, but the second does not have any access to internet/network.One way for updating the second one is the offline option: downloading new definitions from AVG website as a EXE pack and installing it using a USB flash disk drive.

Thanks again Alan for saving me a lot of time and trouble.

I have yet to test this option, but it looks like it should do the trick for you.

A database update from AVG over the weekend made the Windows antivirus software attack users' i Tunes installations, mistakenly viewing the application's library files as a Trojan virus and placing them in quarantine.

In the instance of any issues, it is suggested you call on the Avast Internet Security phone number enrolled here that provides the facility to get immediate expert help for resolving problems connected to the Avast antivirus.

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