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He turned away from the Vista Point turn-off to take his brother to the hospital.

The "Furry" star appears on Tuesday's "The Ellen De Generes Show," where he shows off his slew of rapper-themed tattoos, opens up about his Las Vegas wedding to longtime girlfriend Mia Goth and dishes on his new movie where he'll play tennis star John Mc Enroe. After confirming his pieces are real, Shia says his many tats are like "landmarks." "It's love, it's people I love," he confesses, before pointing out his tattoos of Missy Elliott, Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Dr. Later on the show, the actor opens up about his Elvis-themed weddings in Las Vegas. Nevertheless, they turned it down in hopes of keeping the ceremony low-key.

The phrase that caused Shia to react angrily is similar to an infamous white supremacist slogan known as the Fourteen Words. drawing support from celebrities including Katy Perry, Madonna, Scarlett Johansson and America Ferrera.

The altercation between the actor and the white nationalist came towards the end of a weekend of protest greeting Friday’s (19January17) presidential inauguration of Trump, who has received political support from white supremacist leaders. The march was the scene of another altercation between an anti-Trump protester and a nationalist, as Richard Spencer, a leading white supremacist, was punched by a passer-by while giving a TV interview.

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Tinder stepped up to the plate and reimbursed Kim 0 for missing her plane." data-reactid="23"Tinder user Erin Kim had such a good Tinder date that she wrote the company a thank you letter, saying the date went so well that she totally missed a scheduled flight.

Tinder stepped up to the plate and reimbursed Kim 0 for missing her plane.