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'Cause I don't want to hearit Them man are talking drugs and guns but them man ain't even knew it My older Gs told me to carry on spitting 'cause I'm going to go clear G Plus they know manna real G Ah, you never heard what I said?

I said plus they know manna real G So, one love to my niggas in the bin Bang your door fam, it ain't no thing My nigga phoned me from jail, told me 'fuck man, it's a straight p ting' So now I get it in I do my ting It's a Straight Up Remix, fuck what you heard, I'm out here on the curb, don't gas and tell them straight up [Hook: Dapz OTM & Lil Choppa] (X4) Straight up, straight up, straight up, straight up No bullshit, no lies, it's the remix, straight up [Verse 2: Depzman & Jaykae] Straight up, straight up You man should try and take a walk in my shoes I'm trying to get by in this music ting, you think I got time to be warring with yous?

] When gyal see you they do 180s And if you were really an artist no-one would buy your paintings Yeah I understand why you're hating Man are suffering, Invasion's on another ting Not going to lie, my life is amazing Them man claim to be wavy, but they ain't ever been sailing I say Invasion Alert 'cause I'm invading [Break: Dapz OTM & Lil Choppa] I've come a long way, but got a long way to go I come from watching man on TV, thinking watch when them man hear me But now, the tables' are turned 'cause I used to look up to man, who now look up to man We make hard work look easy, but it never came like that, it was more like- Sleepless nights, working to better my life trying to reach my goal Underground artist, trying to stay grounded, but still fits the overground role Straight up Slowly but surely onwards and up I've watched my fan base grow I got my head down, now things are looking up They used to say no, and now the know, for real Yeah, they got my cousin serving more time than he's been alive I wish he could start over, straight up, but I've got to do me in grime So I said 'ok, something's gotta give' Dropped a new [?

Most men can accept the truth, as that’s why most tell their wives they have cheated and have made a error and want to mend there relationship as they know their true life partner is their wife. Because it’s over with, the end is near and they’re looking for Mr rich again. I’m truly ready to let this relationship go because I feel he’s never going to let the past stay in the past.

Therefore you must also understand what type of man he is.

Some of the men they could never forgive due to their ego or other issues even though they try hard. "what has happened once can be forgiven and never will repeated again but what has happened twice will defiantly repeats again and again" Therefore to prove your loyalty to your partner you must think about properly before starting to rebuild your new relationships.

'Cuh you're on a likkle man ting like nicotine rush There's no way on Earth you're spinning me truss I be the guy he wishes he was Man down if I start swinging these hooks Dapz is a G when he's singing his hooks Man hollaed me for the Straight Up Remix Can't tell man straight up how I'm feeling Now everyone's stealing my buss (Oh yeah) The man are teaming like us (Oh yeah) They ain't scheming like us Them man are followers, come like sheep Trust me they aren't leading like us Yeah, them man are fish, can't swim with the sharks Heaven and Hell are inches apart Life ain't game like I'm in a console Yeah it's peak out here and that's straight from the heart, straight up [Hook: Dapz OTM & Lil Choppa] (X4) Straight up, straight up, straight up, straight up No bullshit, no lies, it's the remix, straight up [Verse 3: Sox] Tell a man straight up, you won't make it Your girl like chaps, but she don't wear bracelets Dapz hollaed me for the Straight Up Remix 'cause he knew straight away I would break it One of the best MCs in the grime scene That's why gyal want to sing my praises The world's fucked up, that's my opinion, let me explain it Sit on the sofa, roll up a big spliff and rotate it I'll break it down to them so basic The whole of England's fucked because the members of parliament just want to up their savings All most teenagers want to do is have sex and get off their faces I don't blame them I was on the same shit, might see Sox in Notts like laces Shit's fucked up, but you can't change it All man think about is their wages Man try tell me I'm sick for a whiteboy, but that ain't a complement, fam it's racist I am the darkest, but I'm the palest I am the hardest, 'cause I'm the greatest I am the smartest, you under[?

Lately I have been thinking about satisfying myself because this frustration is killing me, but I don’t feel like going down this path. One of the best things about writing this column anonymously is that I can reveal things about myself that I would normally not disclose, like this: I had a nearly sexless marriage.

I have started working out to vent out that pent up sexual energy but still sometimes it gets overwhelming. So many other things worked—we had great intellectual chemistry, we liked the same TV shows, we enjoyed sleeping in late on Sundays, we prayed together, and most essentially, we both believed that nutella is, indeed, a balanced meal. I thought it’s cool— everything else is working out so why end something that is otherwise so beautiful?

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