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Well here's a list of 7 things you probably didn't know about Aquarius men, so you can love them JUST as they are: 1. That can be really annoying to someone on the outside, understandably, so really the best you can do in that situation is just to understand that is is how he is, and make the decision just to agree to disagree. So if you want to stay in your relationship and be HAPPY (on both sides), learn these things about him FIRST, so you're prepared. Instead of blaming them for their selfishness and ignorance, talk to them and let them be here for you.Read also – 8 Rules to Follow When Dating a Capricorn Aquarians are sensitive, creative and artistic personalities.Hence, why his motto is “I KNOW.”Perhaps it is his enlightened personality that attracts you in the first place.No doubt when you look into his eyes you see a sage master there that other Zodiac males just do not seem to possess.The Aquarius man is taught life lessons as if learning by experience and rote memory – he will repeat the same lesson repeatedly until he finally has mastery over it. ” The Aquarius man is a lifelong member, so keep this in mind when you interact with him.

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Because of this, he can seem pretty distant sometimes — but don't let it fool you — these guys care a LOT about you, your feelings and your relationship. But take his non-verbal cues as signs that he's in it to win it. Now knowing that verbal communication of his feelings may not be his forte, be careful with what you say if you ARE upset with him. So if you're pissed that he didn't call you back and say something like "don't EVER call me again," you can bet your bottom dollar he's probably not going to. So when an Aquarius man is single, he's most definitely ready to mingle. But make no mistakes — he is, but a lot of the time he feels like it's hard to really connect on a deeper level (and he's a DEEP kind of person! On the same token, if you've just been seeing this Aquarius guy and he's not into the relationship, he's probably not going to say anything. Don't take offense — I'm sure there are times when you don't want to be around anyone either. If you're with an Aquarian, prepare to Think Different.You might think you're on the same wavelength, but then comes the shock -- Aqua throws you a curveball.The Aquarius woman defies stereotypes, and is often glamorous, but detached.First dates with Aquarians should be fun and not too romantically claustrophobic.