Dating noblet clarinet

This area of the market can be tremendously rewarding, and with a bit (OK, a lot) of research and some luck you could well end up with a 'Selmer killer' for less than the price of a professional quality mouthpiece.

The shape and specs might be a little different, but underneath it all you're still buying into a known quantity (or at least you hope so).

Trouble is, lots of other players have had the same idea - and it's not uncommon to see sought-after vintage beauties fetching eye-watering prices.

The best way to get around this annoying problem is go 'off brand' - to seek out those less well-known horns that aren't so popular, yet that have undiscovered potential.

Should you decide to purchase you may deduct the first rental payment and the deposit from the price of the instrument rented.

Following the sad closure of Strings and Things we are stocking a selection of basic violin bits - strings, rosin etc and a selection of sheet music including exam materials.