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It was worse in the US, where unemployment peaked at 10% after the crash. Unable to carry its deficits without private bank liquidity, Greece has been stuck in a recession that has been longer and deeper than the Great Depression was in the US last century. And it was all because too much debt went bad, all at once. "I have talked to the heads of almost every single one of these firms in the last 72 hours and he has NO IDEA HOW BAD IT IS OUT THERE. British people today are £6,000 poorer, on average, every year because of the economic drag caused by the great financial crisis.Those against the one-humped Camelus dromedarius say they compete with native creatures for food and also cause damage in Aboriginal communities in their search for water, fracturing pipes and breaking air conditioning units.Health conscious groups say camels that are shot should not be left to rot on the ground - their meat should be used for meals because it is low in fat and has little cholesterol.

Ritholtz is deep down a quant guy, but brings strong views and opinions. Covel and Ritholtz talk about the price of paying attention and why you should be selective in what you watch, read, and listen to; the onslaught of political information; the insatiable need to consume information and knowing when it's the right time to quarantine yourself from being influenced by someone in particular; Ritholtz's views on gold, why attaching your emotional well-being to it is wrong, and how it won't be quite as valuable as most people think in the event of a crisis; cutting your losses short and letting your winners run; the real value of intuition; how Ritholtz views the world and where we're at right now, societal and economic cycles, and how you can't be a doom and gloomer seeing what's coming down the pipeline in the next generation; and the importance of not being cash rich and time poor, getting "lost in the screens", and leading a good life instead of always chasing money for its own sake.Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has been described as a serial killer on American TV because he has approved the culling of wild camels in the outback. - against camels in the outback.' With a stuffed toy camel on the desk in front of her, Miss Burnett broke away from her usual role of analysing stock movements on Wall Street.In an extraordinary departure from discussing the world's finances on the American CNBC network, anchor woman Erin Burnett caught viewers' attention by declaring: 'There is a serial killer in Australia and we are going to put a picture up so we can see who it is.' Then a large photo of Mr Rudd appeared on the screen, with Miss Burnett confirming his identity. Sitting with the network's high profile financial commentator Jim Cramer, she said there were one million camels living wild in Australia and the animals would be shot.'They are slaughtering them?Their religious beliefs, don’t care about your dog talking to a group of people.Yourself attracted examples various museums over the country, and may be parents who starting their preparation for the synod on the family.