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You Tube group Inside Gaming left that network and joined Rooster Teeth, forming the LA-based Funhaus office.The original, founding members were: Adam Kovic, Bruce Greene, Lawrence Sonntag, James Willems, Joel Rubin, Matt Peake, and Sean "Spoole" Poole.

The company was founded in 2003, but fanwork-related activity began in late 2012.

Jeremy wants to pull him back, grab him by his collar and drag him back within the bounds of the wooden fence that Geoff built for them, but he knows Michael won't appreciate that. His impulse was to curl up, to jerk away, to somehow rip off imaginary headphones and go back to reality, but this was reality. A collection of one-shots I have been writing for a while now.

Not sure how many there will be or how long I'll do this for, because I'm the most inconsistent writer ever.

Jones has worked as both an actor and a voice artist in multiple projects, several of which are produced by Rooster Teeth, including roles as Sun Wukong in Rooster Teeth's animated series RWBY, fictionalized versions of himself in both Rooster Teeth Shorts and Ten Little Roosters, Mogar in the animated series X-Ray and Vav, and Zach in the sci-fi comedy film Lazer Team.

He has co-starred in the Rooster Teeth series Immersion since season two.