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Is true love in the stars for a Cancer woman and a Scorpio man?These deeply feeling water signs have some very similar needs, but also some marked differences.A Scorpio woman is confident and can attract any man in this world with her charms. When she is in a relationship with a Cancer man, she provides him with all the love and affection – both physically and emotionally. Probably, they should chuck the idea of flirting in front of each other.Cancer man and Scorpio woman have a flowery and blooming relationship, but all they need to work on is understanding and faith.Avail our Love Ask A Question service to get the relevant answer to your query and satisfy your curiosity for this love match.Compatibility of Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman The chemistry between a Scorpio Woman and a Cancer man is amazing and everlasting. At the end of the day, they both are sexually satisfied and can never get bored of each other.

Compatibility of Cancer Woman and Scorpio Man A Scorpio man is the best match for a Cancer woman.

If she loves someone, he can do no wrong in her eyes.

If he mistreats her, she will try to take the blame herself. Treat her with respect and kindness and she will give you the Moon.

While she is maternal and caring, the Cancer woman is often childlike and vulnerable.

Her moods are cyclic; sometimes she needs to collapse in tears, and when she does, she needs to know she is safe.