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A married man shopped by his own family after they discovered him sharing sick images in a paedophile chat room has been locked up for two years.

Cooper, who has conducted a series of surveys probing the growing world of Internet sex conducted this study for MSNBC.

These are the people who live out their fantasies online to the exclusion of real relationships.

My father let me know that I was valuable with or without validation from a boyfriend, but he did it without trying to scare me off from men.

My husband, John, said that at the time he was in college in the late ’60s, the boy still paid for everything on a date.

Before we were married and before we had even decided if we were going to have children, I remember my husband saying something like, “If we ever have a daughter, I’m going to build a fence around the house when she turns thirteen.” Remember, he didn’t even know if we were going to have children.

Public, private and Department of Defense schools are all available for use by military children.

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